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Weaving Prep, Day #1

Step #1: Determine the most pleasing wandering path through the bamboo. We were looking to have the right amount of bamboo density on both sides of the path for easy weaving in addition to having the right feeling length.

Step #2 through #7: Check and double check the path. Does it feel right? Make adjustments.

The StellaLou Crew really enjoyed creating the path through the bamboo grove yesterday! It was a chilly and sunny day. While we still have a lot of clearing and tidying to do in the bamboo grove before it is worthy of your artistry, we can definitively say it is making progress and is very enjoyable to wander through (multiple times in a row)! We are saving the harvested bamboo for a rain-plan weaving structure in addition to our annual collection for creating garden trellises. It is wonderful that the preparation for this event is also helping us prepare the homestead for a productive season. We now have bamboo aplenty for the garden and our bamboo grove is more balanced and enjoyable.

Shout out to our lovely facilitators, Diane and Natalie for guiding this work!

Friends, if you have any weavable materials you are looking to donate, we are happy to begin collecting them! We will be campaigning for donations soon, but there is no need to wait if you are ready to get yarn, fabric, garland, grasses, etc off your hands! Reach out to us for a good drop off or pick up time


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