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Updated: May 6, 2019

In January, School of Living (SOL, a non-profit educational network) included The Coop at StellaLou Farm to its network of fiscally sponsored projects!

The Coop is an agricultural education center that shares the skills and design work that helps to make the farm grow as a sustainable and productive homestead. The Coop at StellaLou Farm pursues a simple goal: to make something everyday. (Read more about The Coop's mission here.) Follow us @coop.stellaloufarm for everyday makings and opportunities for making!

Our debut event is “Better Together, A Come as You are Event” at StellaLou Farm!

Coop offerings:

  • We will be hosting regular informal skill shares as homesteading, permaculture, and art projects come up at the farm. Skill shares are hands-on exchanges of information, collaborations, and experiments. There will be no fee for these events.

  • More formal workshops with a variety of instructors from our local community will also be offered in partnership with The Coop. These facilitators will share their knowledge and passion in experiential workshops at StellaLou Farm for a fee that provides for instructors’ time and for any materials needed.

  • In addition to our formal and informal classes, we will host one large annual community event, free of admission charge. These events will be organized in a collaborative way to build community connection and to share a variety of theme-based making activities. The Coop will host the first of these events in partnership with Little Free Library Cochranville and School of Living in July 2019: Better Together, a Come-As-You-Are Event.

Things you may see popping up on our schedule:

Growing, preparing and preserving food; construction and woodworking; permaculture design; beekeeping; orchard planning, planting, and pruning; earthworks; chicken tending; painting, drawing, and weaving; trellis building; bread baking; and mead making...

We hope to see you at The Coop in the near future as a learner and/or sharer of skills!

Please reach out if you would like to take part and get on the schedule!

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