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Weave with and within the bamboo grove at StellaLou Farm! Using a variety of materials and the help of many hands, we will transform this challenging corner of the property into a unique and beautiful space. 


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                 Weaving is an ancient art held in the histories of most cultures. It beautifully merges the worlds of craft for function and craft for art. Here, we use this artform to create stronger bonds between community members and to transform the aesthetics of a space.


                  Collections of fabric, yarn, grasses, and more will be available at the bamboo grove for participants to begin a weaving that uses the structure of bamboo shoots. Facilitators will be present to encourage the use of new materials and give technical support.


                 Below are descriptions of the facilitators for this activity:

Diane Yu is a friend of StellaLou Farm and artist. If you enter her studio in Baltimore, you will see that Diane is passionate about textiles! She works as a high school teacher and leader in the visual arts at Garrison Forest School in Maryland, where she has made collaborative installations a highlighted project for her students to the delight of the campus community. If you choose to visit the bamboo grove to add to the weaving at StellaLou in July, Diane will be there to inspire you and undoubtedly bring joy to the activity.

Natalie Drutz is a new friend of StellaLou Farm through our network of makers and we are so excited to welcome her to the bamboo grove this summer. Natalie works teaching art to K-8 students in Baltimore at the Greenmount School. There she not only inspires her students to take on the curiosity that she models but also designs costumes for theater productions! Natalie's encouraging presence will welcome you into the bamboo grove where she will be exploring her love of weaving in this new setting!


If you would like to participate in the weaving of the bamboo grove all you have to do is show up. Materials will be available for your use, add one small piece or many! Instruction will be available.


We are no longer in need of more facilitators to lead this activity. If you would like to help beginners learn to weave, we would love for you to let facilitators know on the day of the event so they can use your expertise!


Please email if you have any questions or concerns!


If you have fabric scraps, yarn, or any non traditional weaving material you would like to donate to this bamboo grove beautification project please contact us by email to set up a drop off time at the farm or bring the materials the day of.


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