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Weaving in the BAMBOO!

StellaLou Farm is excited to announce we have found two wonderful weaving facilitators for the Better Together event! Both are visual arts educators, artists, and nature enthusiasts!

In addition to their commitment to join us for the event, we had our first bamboo consultation with one of the facilitator's, Diane Yu! After enjoying a magical and soggy meander through the bamboo grove, we have an outline for how to trim and shape the grove in preparation for the collaborative weaving installation.

Diane Yu is a friend of StellaLou Farm and artist. If you enter her studio in Baltimore, you will see that Diane is passionate about textiles! She works as a high school teacher and leader in the visual arts at Garrison Forest School in Maryland, where she has made collaborative installations a highlighted project for her students to the delight of the campus community. If you choose to visit the bamboo grove to add to the weaving at StellaLou in July, Diane will be there to inspire you and undoubtedly bring joy to the activity.

Natalie Drutz is a new friend of StellaLou Farm through our network of makers and we are so excited to welcome her to the bamboo grove this summer. Natalie works teaching art to K-8 students in Baltimore at the Greenmount School. There she not only inspires her students to take on the curiosity that she models but also designs costumes for theater productions! Natalie's encouraging presence will welcome you into the bamboo grove where she will be exploring her love of weaving in this new setting!


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