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Permaculture Explorations

StellaLou Farm is host to a series of land interventions and collaborations which are designed with a permaculture foundation, an artistic leaning, and experimental tendencies. Explore these projects with us digitally and on-site! 

Chicken Food Forest

Four puddles of plantings, which provide food and cover for the StellaLou Farm flock, surround the chicken coop. 



The windbreak is a transition space where there is a mix of both unhealthy, dying trees suffocated by invasives and new plantings of native trees and understory species.


Dry Creek

A curving, flowing, downward guiding path of rocks that directs the flow of water and protects the land from erosion. 


Floating Islands

Four bamboo floats growing into living islands floating on the duck pond, adds native aquatic plants to oxygenate the water and utilize excess nutrients.


Wildlife Corridor

A large swath of a grass field that is in transition from mowed grass to a native wildflower planting. These arcs provide passage, shelter, and food for wildlife.



The permaculture inspired fruit orchard demonstrates a slow transition from grass and invasive weeds to edible landscape.

Honey Hedge

The honey hedge creates delineation between spaces, and feeds the StellaLou honeybees and attracts more species of pollinators.



The meadow is a patch of field that is in transition from a mowed grass field to a lush, unmowed planting of trees, grasses, and flowers.


Bee Break

The dense bee break planting influences the movement of StellaLou Farm honeybees up and over a perennial garden area in front of the apiary.


428 Leaman Rd, Cochranville, PA 19330

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