Spineless Beauty Zucchini (Cucurbita pepo)


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Vegetable (Zucchini)



Direct sow seeds after last frost. Make a soil mound 4" tall and 12" in diameter. Space mounds 4-8' apart. Sow 3-4 seeds in an inch of soil per mound.

Seed Saving

In order to harvest your own zucchini seeds, you will have to let your chosen zucchini ripen on the vine. Let it keep growing and growing as long and wide as it can get, then remember to bring it indoors before your first frost. At this time, the skin of the zucchini will have started turning yellow as it becomes super hard. The flesh, at this point, is inedible. Yet, the seeds are fully mature inside. Remove the seeds, separate from pulp and rinse remainder of pulp off. Cure thoroughly by laying seeds out on a screen or paper plate.

Additional Info

Spineless Beauty hybrid is the industry standard for zucchini for so many reasons. Harvesting it is simple, living up to the promise of its name. But it also matures quickly, offers very uniform fruit, and has a tender, juicy, flavorful bite that everyone loves. And the yields are very high on vigorous plants.

Expect these creamy fruits to reach 8½ inches long and about 1½ inches wide, with a dark green color, smooth texture, and slight ribbing. They are very uniform, making canning a snap. And the flavor is just unbeatable.

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