Mixed Poppy (Papaver)


Saved (StellaLou Farm, Cochranville, PA)

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Full sun. Sprouts in 14-21 Days. Surface Sow. Ideal temp 60-65F. Plant Spacing 8-10". Frost Hardy.
Direct sow in late fall, or in spring as soon a soil can be worked. Surface sow, barely covering the seed with rich, moderately moist soil.

Seed Saving

After poppies bloom in the spring, seed pods with form. Allow them to dry in place on the plant. Clip the dry pods and shake the seeds from the pod. Store seeds in a cool dry place, preferably a glass jar out of the sunlight, or in a paper bag if the humidity in its location is low.

Additional Info

The poppy seed is an excellent source of calcium, a good source of iron and for every ounce, they contain 5 grams of protein and about 6 grams of dietary fiber. They can be used in a great variety of both sweet and savory culinary dishes.

The flower will be visited by honey bees!

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