Husk Tomato Ground Cherry (Physalis pruinosa)


Purchased (Burgess Seed & Plant Co.)

Life Cycle


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Start indoors 8 weeks before time to set in open ground. Cover thinly, then pack firmly and water. When plants are about 2" high, transplant to 3" apart in flat or pot. After danger of frost, set 2-3' apart in garden, but before doing so, harden the plants by gradually exposing them to the outdoor air for about a week.

Seed Saving

Cut ground cherries in half, squeeze the halved ground cherries into a bowl. Top up the bowl with water, stir the fruit around in the water and push any pulp and seeds off of the skins. Remove the clean skins from the water and break up any seeds from the floating fruit pulp. Leave the seeds to settle and the pulp to float. Good and viable seeds have sunk to the bottom of the bowl, Carefully pour off the pulp and floating seeds. Drained away water lay your seeds out on a plate to dry. Do not use paper towel as it will stick to the seeds, making it difficult to remove.
Label your seeds with the date and variety.

Additional Info

Ground cherries ripen from green to yellow-gold. Ground cherries are eaten fresh, or are used in desserts, sauces, preserves, fruit toppings, pies and salads.

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