Delicata Squash (Cucurbita pepo)


Saved (Keith Hartwig, Avondale, PA)

Life Cycle


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Vegetable (Squash)



Direct sow outside 1-2 weeks after your average last frost date, when soil temperature is 70-85F.

Seed depth 1". Seed spacing 2-3 seeds per mound, mound spacing 4-6'. 5-10 day to emerge. When 3 leaves per plant, thin to 1-2 plants per mound. 90 days to maturity. 6 foot vines.

Seed Saving

The best squash must be chosen at full maturity. Remove the seeds, separate from pulp and rinse remainder of pulp off. Cure thoroughly by laying seeds out on a screen or paper plate. Seeds are fully cured when outside shell has hardened.

Additional Info

These seeds were saved from a local backyard garden! Delicata squash is delicious roasted and can be made for sweet or savory dishes.

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