Cosmic Orange Cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus)


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Sow in average soil in full sun after danger of heavy frost. Sow about 4" apart and cover with 1/4" of fine soil. Firm lightly and keep evenly moist. Seedlings emerge in 7-10 days. Thin to stand 8-10" apart when seedlings are 1" high. Blooms in summer.

Seed Saving

Hybrid seeds won’t reproduce faithfully the traits of their parent plants and aren’t good candidates for seed saving
Once the flowers begin to die back, the cosmos seed harvest can begin. Test a stem by bending it, once the flower dies and the petals begin to fall off. If the stem snaps easily in half, it’s ready to pick. Remove all the dried flower heads and place them into a paper bag to capture loose seeds.

Additional Info

Award-winning, vivid orange blooms are good for cutting and borders. Heat tolerant.

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