Ancho Poblano Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum)


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Vegetable (Hot Pepper)



Transplant only: sow indoors 2 seeds/cell and thin to strongest, 1/4" deep, around 8 weeks before last frost. Heat mats at 80F will germinate seeds best, after germination lower to 70F during days and 60F at night. Move to 3-4" pots at first true leaves. Harden off (reduce water and temp after 3-7 days) and transplant after last frost when night temps are above 50F. Pluck off any flowers at planting.

Seed Saving

Use ripe peppers! A fully ripened pepper will almost always go through a color change. After ripening, the pepper’s flesh will soften slightly, and a simple squeeze will not cause the peppers to crack. Keep your seeds in a well-ventilated area for 5-7 days. Jostle the seeds around every day to make sure both sides of the seeds are getting dried out. Properly dried pepper seeds should crack in half rather than squashing or bending when you break them. If they are not 100% firm, they are not yet dry enough to be stored.

When your pepper seeds are dried, they must be kept dry and cool. Label your seeds and store them in a sealed container.

Additional Info

Heirloom. Mild heat with fruity sweetness perfect stuffed, roasted & for traditional chile rellenos. Immature green 'poblano' peppers more mild than mature red 'ancho' peppers.

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